How To Read A TOG Sleepwear Chart

How To Read A TOG Sleepwear Chart

Sleep Like Goldilocks

How to read our Sleepwear TOG Chart 

You'll Need:

  1. Nursery thermometer
  2. Appropriate TOG rated sleeping suit
  3. TOG chart

    Dressing your baby for sleep is as easy as 1, 2, 3

    1. Determine the nursery room temperature, in this case 17.4 degrees C.

    2. Pick the colour that lines up with the temperature in your nursery - aqua

    3. Select the appropriate clothing option based on the room temperature

        • 0.2 TOG jumpsuit (standard suit)
        • No singlet
        • 3.5 TOG sleeping bag


      Other things to consider:

      • Do you have the heater on? Will it get hotter in the room once you close the door?
      • Are you putting your little one down for a nap or overnight sleep? How well does your room "keep warm" overnight?
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