Quick Setup Guide

Congratulations on purchasing your Goldilocks! Please take a minute to scan over all the steps shown here before attempting to setup your device.

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Note: The dressing guide and temperature prediction is a guide only.
Please consider other factors such as illness, heating/cooling and whether your baby tends to run hot or cold in general.


Quick Setup Steps

  • Plug your Goldilocks in to power it up and wait for the  symbol to show Goldilocks is ready to accept WiFI connections
  • Scan for open WiFi networks and connect to the Goldilocks device with the name that will look something like "Goldilocks_1234"
  • Once connected, wait a few seconds and your device should prompt you to "sign in" or "setup" the network device
    • Fill out the form to setup your Goldilocks and hit "Save"
    • Goldilocks will reboot and attempt to connect to your network . If there are any issues connecting to your WiFi network you may see the WiFi disconnected icon 


      Once you've setup your device please read through the Goldilocks product manual for more information on how your Sleep Like Goldilocks works as well Frequently Asked Questions and troubleshooting information.