Sleepwear Guide

Know exactly how to dress your baby for sleep based on your nursery temperature

Digital Thermometer

Displays the current as well as predicted room temperature

Night Light and Clock

Colour changing night light that communicates the room temperature at a glance


The digital thermometer shows you the current room temperature as well as predicting the overnight room temperature.

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Easy-to-read sleepwear icons show you exactly how to dress your baby for a comfortable sleep.

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Know the room temperature at a glance. Sleep Like Goldilocks adjusts the night light colour based on the room temperature.

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My daughter loves it!

"My eldest loves Goldilocks so much she wants one for her room too!"

— Linda L.

Amazing product!

"Thanks to Goldilocks we have reduced our power usage and environmental impact by not having to run the heater every night."

— Andrew H.

So smart

"I love that this takes the guesswork out of baby bed times!"

— Angela M.