• Eliminate the 5am rises

    Baby waking up before the sun? They are probably too cold. We all know the risks with overdressing, but how do we know how warm to dress them without overdressing?

  • Say goodbye to middle of the night sleepwear changes

    We've all been there, baby cries and we go in to find out they are overheating so we change them, only to go back in a few hours later and find they they are too cold.

  • No more accidental wakes checking if baby is too hot

    Creaky door? Step on a toy? Kick over the side table? No more sneaking in to stick your fingers down baby's neck to check if they are comfy.

Introducing the worlds smartest nursery thermometer with in-room temperature prediction

Overnight temperature prediction using the in-built thermometer combined with local weather information makes Sleep Like Goldilocks the smartest nursery thermometer in the world. Dress baby once for sleep knowing they'll spend the whole night not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

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  • TOG sleepwear suggestions

    TOG rated sleeping bags and sleep suits provide a way to bring structure to dressing baby for sleep.

    Babies can't pull up the covers when they are cold, so one of the most important things they do is to ensure baby is covered and snug all night long.

    Sleep suits also allow us to introduce science to sleepwear by standardising the way we measure blanket "warmth".

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  • Overnight temperature prediction

    Knowing the current temperature is one thing, but we all know it cools down overnight. But how cold will it get in your nursery tonight?

    Adults can kick off the blanket or pull up the doona, but once we dress baby in the TOG rated sleep suit we want to know they will be snug, allowing us to dress them once for the whole night.

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Restful sleep awaits

Helping you dress baby not too hot, not too cold, but just right for a comfortable night's sleep