• Take the guesswork out of dressing your baby for sleep

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Take the guesswork out of dressing your baby for sleep

Night light colour changes based on temperature

Accurately predicts the room temperature

Sleepwear guide based on room temperature

Colour changing night light and clock

Temperature prediction

Thanks to Goldilocks we have reduced our power usage and environmental impact by not having to run the heater every night


I love that this takes the guesswork out of baby bed times!


My eldest loves Goldilocks so much she wants one for her room too!


Your Goldilocks will help you dress your baby for sleep time in the right sleepwear clothing, not just for when you put them down but for the whole night.

This means you won't need to
- keep checking baby to see if they are too hot or too cold
- keep the heating or cooling running throughout the night

With less interruptions and a comfortable baby, they will sleep longer, and so will you!

Goldilocks: your baby sleepwear guide

Goldilocks answers the question of what to dress your baby in for sleep. The large display shows the recommended TOG rated clothing to dress your baby in based on the room temperature.

Your Goldilocks knows the difference between day sleeps and night sleeps, which means that you can be sure that you are dressing your baby appropriately at any time of day or night!

Night Sleeps

Goldilocks predicts the overnight low temperature in your room and suggests the best outfit for the entire night to keep your baby comfortable, reducing interruptions to their sleep.

When putting your baby to bed you will know at a glance the overnight low temperature of your babies room and what to dress them in.

Goldilocks switches from Daytime to Night Time Sleep at 5pm - around the time you might be starting the night time routine of feeding/bathing your baby before bed. Goldilocks will continue to update the overnight low temperature prediction up till 7pm, around when you might be putting your baby to bed.

Day Sleeps

The Day Time Sleep suggestion is made based on the current temperature in your babies room to provide you the best sleepwear recommendation for right when you're putting them down.

Goldilocks will automatically switch over from Night Time Sleep to Day Time Sleep at 5am, ensuring you're ready for whatever time your baby wakes up.

Temperature Prediction

Goldilocks tracks your rooms temperature and combines it with a local weather forecast to accurately predict the overnight low temperature of your room.

Goldilocks comes with a basic configuration out of the box and will learn your room conditions over time to make more accurate predictions.

Night Light and Clock

Goldilocks syncronises the on screen clock using the internet, so if you're in a daylight savings location no need to worry your Goldilocks will always be up to date.

The nightlight will change colour based on the room temperature to suggested appropriate sleepwear. With some practice you'll simply look at Goldilocks when getting your baby ready for sleep and know exactly how to dress them.

Automatic brightness adjustment

Goldilocks has a built in ambient light sensor. When the auto-brightness feature is enabled your Goldilocks will automatically dim the screen when the room is dark, and increase the screen brightness in a bright room

What's Included

- Goldilocks
- Micro USB to USB A cable (no wall plug)

What's Required

- An internet connection (2.4GHz WiFi Signal required)
- USB wall plug