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Sleep Like Goldilocks

Baby Sleepwear Guide, Night Light and Thermometer

Baby Sleepwear Guide, Night Light and Thermometer

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Dressing baby for sleep has never been so easy with Sleep Like Goldilocks

  • Room thermometer
  • Gentle night light
  • Multiple TOG based sleepwear suggestions
  • Day mode + Night (prediction) mode
  • No wearables on your baby
  • Compatible with all bags TOG ratings 0.2/1.0/2.5/3.5
  • Australian made and designed

Whats In The Box

  • USB Wall Adaptor (AU/NZ)
  • USB cable
  • Quickstart Guide QR Code
  • Instruction manual

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  • TOG Sleepwear Suggestions

    Find TOG charts confusing? Not to worry, just look at the screen to know exactly what to dress bub in so they're warm and snug for a perfect sleep

  • Room temp at a glance

    The colour changing night light lets you know the room temperature and sleepwear suggestion without having to check the screen

  • Temperature prediction

    Our clever little device can predict the in-room nursery temperature drop overnight, making sure bub is dressed not to hot, not too cold, but just right for a perfect night's sleep

  • Kelly - Certified Child Sleep Consultant

    Highly recommended.

    As a sleep consultant I believe so many babies are undressed and wake from being cold. This incredible product allows you to tailor for your house and room temperature, including different TOG sleeping bags in case one is in the wash! Highly recommend to add this to your nursery wish list!

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  • Gaby - Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant

    Literal game changer.

    The number one question I’m asked - how to dress a baby!? I have clients who have used sleep like Goldilocks personally and swear by it. It’s taken the uncertainty out of their day and they can go to bed confident Bub won’t wake cold in the morning because they’re dressed appropriately to what sleep like Goldilocks predicts.

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  • Jayne - Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

    Super accurate, easy to use.

    Sleep Like Goldilocks is a game changer in the sleep industry. Taking the guessing game out of how to dress your child. This device can give you comfort in knowing you’ve ticked warmth off your checklist, it will help you be on your way to having your child sleep even better. It’s super accurate, easy to use and not to mention super cute for any nursery.

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  • Invented and made in Aus!

    Invented and proudly made in Melbourne

  • Same day dispatch

    Orders received before 10am AEST are dispatched that same day

  • Made by parents for parents

    As parents of three we know a few things about the troubles of dressing for sleep

  • Support small business

    We are a small Aussie business with the dream of making sleep easier for everyone

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Mrs Cherie
Sleep Like Goldilocks Digital Thermometer AMAZING design!!!

I found 'Sleep Like Goldilocks' on instagram after searching hours on end for a stylish baby digital thermometer but they was based in Australia and unable to deliver to the UK at the time. So I cheekily contacted them asking if possible to ship over to the UK as I really liked the style of this one compared to the typical Tommee Tippee Gro Egg 2!! Purely because its very simple to use regarding the sleeping tog and sleepsuit guide as its displayed with the tempreture and clock. And thankfully they responded and was happy to get this thermometer shipped and software adjusted to the Europe settings! So extremely happy to recieve this item. Remarkable experience all around.

Sarah Moloney

I’m a first time mum & the sleep like goldilocks product is an essential item. I always know how to dress my baby for bed which has taken all the stress & worry out for me. I have confidence that he is not too hot & not too cold. I love the night light feature too for night feeds. I’ve told my whole mothers group about this product & they have since purchased too & couldn’t agree more with my raving review.

5 stars all round!

We have been using this device for a few weeks now and have been absolutely loving it. We love that it take the guess work out of the girls layers which in turn has helped with our sleep. They are no longer waking too cold or too hot it’s been a game changer!!

Natalie Sweetapple
What a dream!

In those early days, I think my most common message to my motherhood bestie was ‘it’s so hot/cold today - what are you dressing bub in for bed?’ This awesome little gadget takes all the guesswork out of it. Anything that makes parenting easier is a win in my books. Don’t walk, run!

Worth the investment!

Such a good product! Totally worth the investment.
Once you have it, you can't live without it.
I have one in all my girls rooms!
Even now that the older one has grown out of sleeping bags, I still use it! As I know how cold her room will be and then I know what pjs and blanket to put on her. Plus she uses it as a nightlight. Which, is also really good! You can totally turn off the screen and then have the nightlight which can go really dim - it's perfect for my toddler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I adjust the night light brightness?

Absolutely, the brightness can be turned up and down, and also turned off completely

Can I turn off the screen?

Yes the screen can be completely turned off. When combined with turning off the night light the device does not emit any light

Can I buy a red one?

The Sleep Like Goldilocks night light colour is set by the room temperature, it is not possible to set a single night light colour.

Why does my device need to know my location?

Your device uses your location to gather local weather information used for temperature prediction. At a minimum your postcode is needed, but the more accurate the address you provide the better.

How long does the temperature prediction take to adjust to my room?

Your device comes with factory presets that should allow it to predict the overnight room temperature well, but it will take 3-5 days for it to get to know your room and provide more accurate results.

What TOG rated bags do you recommend?

Sleep Like Goldilocks suggests bags with the TOG ratings of 0.2. / 1.0 / 2.5 / 3.5

Does it have a built-in battery?

No, our device does not come with a built in battery and needs to be plugged in and have WiFi available to operate.

As Sleep Goldilocks is powered from a micro USB cable, if short term portability is required a device such as a power bank (phone charger) can be used.