Sleep Like Goldilocks Manual

Congratulations on purchasing your Goldilocks! The ultimate baby sleep wear guide for both day time and night time sleeps, featuring in-room temperature prediction to suggest the best overnight sleep wear combination for the whole night.

Your Goldilocks will help you dress your baby for sleep time in the right clothes, not just for when you put them down but for the whole night, which will help your baby sleep more comfortably and sleep for longer.


Note: The dressing guide and temperature prediction is a guide only.
Please consider other factors such as illness, heating/cooling and whether your baby tends to run hot or cold in general.

  1. Time
  2. Night light icon
  3. WiFi icon
  4. Day or Night mode / Current or predicted temperature
  5. Undergarment recommendation / tog rating
  6. Sleep sack recommendation / tog rating

  1. "Display" On/Off button– Turn the screen on or off. Long press will switch WiFi from normal WiFi to WiFi AP which can be used to connect to Goldilocks and adjust device settings.
  2. "Auto" brightness On/Off button – Turn the Automatic Brightness feature on or off.
  3. "Light" On/Off button – Turn the night light function on or off.
  4. "Up" button – Turn up the screen brightness.
  5. "Down" button – Turn down the screen brightness.
  6. USB port – used for powering your Goldilocks.
  7. Temperature sensor location – Be mindful not to put anything warm next to this spot or it will affect the temperature readings and prediction

How your Goldilocks works

Goldilocks is essentially a digitised sleepwear chart that shows you how to dress your baby for sleep using the night light colour as well as on screen.

Sleepwear charts are usually given or sold with baby sleeping bags or sleep suits. The chart below shows how your Sleep Like Goldilocks maps the night light colour to the temperature band and sleepwear recommendation:



Operating Modes

Goldilocks has two operating modes that can be identified by the on screen icon:

  • Day Mode (5am to 5pm) - shows the current temperature and recommends the best sleep wear combination for naps based on the current room temperature
  • Night Mode (5pm to 5am) - shows the lowest predicted overnight room temperature in the large text at the bottom of the thermometer icon, as well as the current temperature in small text on the icon scale bar (right side of the icon)


Keep in mind that Night Mode is designed to work without the use of a heater - if you plan to turn your heater on overnight please factor that in when dressing baby for sleep

The mode of operation will be shown on the screen with the icons above. For info on tuning these operating modes see the expert settings.

Clothing Recommendations

Based on the operating mode, your Goldilocks will recommend what to dress your baby in for sleep using two methods:

  1. On screen display showing you the undergarment recommendation as well as the sleep suit recommendation, based on the room temperature
  2. Night light colour showing the undergarment recommendation based on the room temperature

First time starting up your Goldilocks

    • Plug your Goldilocks in to power it up and wait for the WiFi AP mode symbol  to show Goldilocks is ready to accept WiFi connections.
    • Scan for open WiFi networks and connect to the Goldilocks device with the name that will look something like "Goldilocks_1234".
    • Once connected, wait a few seconds and your device should prompt you to "sign in" or "setup" the network device
      • Fill out the form to setup your Goldilocks and hit "Save"
      • Goldilocks will reboot and attempt to connect to your network. If there are any issues connecting to your WiFi network you may see the WiFi disconnected icon .

      Note: Goldilocks needs your street address as part of the night mode / temperature prediction feature. Your exact address is not required, but the more accurate the information the better the temperature prediction feature will work.

        Expert Features

        1. Night light brightness - To adjust the night light brightness, while the night light is turned on press and hold the night light button (3) and then press either the up button (4) or the down button (5) to increase or decrease the light brightness.
        2. Prediction times - The default device prediction start/stop times is 5pm/5am.
        3. Bed time / Wake up time - The default bed time/wake time is 7pm/7am.

        Feature Descriptions

        Night light: The night light function will use the built in colour changing light to indicate to you at a glance the current temperature in the room, and so tell you how to dress your child without needing to look at the screen. The available colours for this night light are:

        • Purple (less than 15° C)
        • Blue (between 15° C and 17° C)
        • Aqua (between 17° C and 19° C)
        • Green (between 19° C and 21° C)
        • Yellow (between 21° C and 23° C)
        • Orange (between 23° C and 25° C)
        • Red (greater than 25° C)

        Automatic Screen Brightness: Your Goldilocks is equipped with an ambient light sensor that it will use to automatically adjust the screen display brightness. Generally this will dim the screen in a dark room and make the screen brighter in a bright room.

        Resetting your Goldilocks

        To factory reset your Goldilocks:

        1. Unplug the Goldilocks USB cable at the back of the unit
        2. Hold down the "DISPLAY" button
        3. Plug in the Goldilocks USB cable while continuing to hold the DISPLAY button.
        4. Upon factory reset the display will show the message "Device setup required"

        Your device will now be reset back to factory default settings.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q. Nothing happens when I connect my phone/computer to Goldilocks during setup.

        Step 1: Connect to the Goldilocks WiFi network

        Step 2: Open your phone/laptop web browser

        Step 3: Type in the address "http://goldilocks.setup" and hit go

            If Step 3 still does not work for you, continue.

        Step 3A: Type the address "" and hit go

        Q. When I power up my Goldilocks the screen flicks on and then flicks off in a loop and never actually turns on.

        The most common cause of this error is an under rated USB power supply. Try a new power supply with your supplied USB cable.

        If this does not fix your issues please reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

        Q. My Goldilocks is behaving strangely. What should I do to fix it?

        Start by performing a Factory Reset. After this if you are still experiencing issues please reach out to us via the Contact Us page and we will endeavour to fix your issue quickly.

        Q. I am going to move my Goldilocks to another address. What do I do?

        I this case the easiest way to move your Goldilocks is to perform a Factory Reset and start the setup process over, entering your new device location information.

        Q. I normally use the air conditioner/heating at night. Will that effect Goldilocks?

        In short - Yes. Using your heating and cooling with Goldilocks will throw out your room's thermal profile and affect future room temperature predictions (night mode).

        If possible use your heating/cooling up until about 15-30 minutes before bed time and then take the advice of Goldilocks. There may be some issues with the prediction accuracy so keep an eye on the room temperature, and remember that Sleep Like Goldilocks is a guide only - please use your judgement when dressing your baby for sleep.