Manually updating your device

While not typical, it's possible that your device fails to perform an automatic update and may be stuck in a startup loop. The majority of the time this will automatically resolve itself overnight when the automatic update cycle kicks off, but if not please follow the steps below to manually update your device.



Note: You'll need to be close to your device, and connected to the same WiFi network the device is connected

Note: You'll need to find the Sleep Like Goldilocks unit IP address - If you don't know what this is please reach out by email/chat/instagram with your order number and our team will be able to assist you with this.


Updating your device

1. Find your device IP address, in this case we are going to use ""

2. Using your phone or laptop, enter the following URL in to the web browser:

 Note: You may see a warning message like the one below. Rest assured that it's OK to click "Continue to site".

site is not secure


3. After proceeding to the website, you'll be greeted with some basic instructions on updating your device. Please remember to leave the web page open until your device is done updating and has rebooted.


If the steps work as expected your device will briefly show a loading bar on the screen while the update is being downloaded:



Once the update is downloaded the device will reboot and the latest update will be applied to your device.

If you're having any trouble with the above steps please reach out to the Sleep Like Goldilocks team by: