Alternate sleepwear options

Alternate sleepwear options

Is bub's 3.5 TOG suit in the wash? Don't have a 2.5 TOG suit in the right size anymore?

With the updated Sleep Like Goldilocks sleepwear chart we offer more than one sleepwear suggestion for a given temperature range.


Lets look at an example

Say your Sleep Like Goldilocks is glowing orange, indicating a temperature range of 23º - 25º C. With our updated chart this means your Sleep Like Goldilocks could suggest to either put bub to sleep in a 0.2 TOG jumpsuit and a 0.2 TOG sleep sack, or just a singlet and a 1.0 TOG sleep sack.


How do I change the sleepwear suggestion?

  1. Press and hold the DISPLAY button
  2. Press either the UP or DOWN button - you'll see the screen change to the alternate sleepwear suggestion if there is one



As always you will need to be mindful of bub and how warm/cool they are during sleeps.


How we use this at home

Our bub gets cold hands/feet, so using the example above we'd be going for the 0.2 TOG jumpsuit and 0.2 TOG sleep sack.

If we needed to use the 1.0 TOG suit, we would put bub in a long sleeve singlet that buttons up around the nappy (no legs) with a 1.0 TOG sleep suit.

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