Getting your baby ready for sleep

Getting your baby ready for sleep

Every parent knows how important setting your child up for sleep is, as it will determine how well they sleep as well as how long.

A couple of key factors to getting them set up for sleep are:

  • Reduce stimulation. No bright lights or loud noises before bed
  • Dressing them right for sleep to avoid interruptions and keep them comfy

Dressing your child right for sleep is not only important for their sleep, but also their safety. Obstructions in the cot are known to increase the risk of SIDs, so a sleeping suit is recommended over blankets. Overdressing your baby has also been linked to an increase in SIDs.

Next is knowing what sleep suit to dress them in. An attempt to standardise dressing is the TOG clothing rating, typically this is included in most kids clothes and you'll find it on the tag.

But how do you know what TOG to dress them in? This is where an in-room thermometer will help.

Using the current temperature there are a number of charts out there showing what TOG rating to dress your child in for a given temperature. These TOG charts can be confusing, so if you're not immediately sure how to read the chart below have a look at our step-by-step guide "how to read a TOG chart".

In our household this simple system has worked great for daytime naps, but it has not been able to answer the question of dressing our baby for bed overnight. This process has been part science part black magic, involving my partner and I debating how warm it felt in the room combined with looking at the weather forecast. After some debate we 'agree' on what to dress baby in and the adventure begins.


Sleep Like Goldilocks to the rescue!


Sleep Like Goldilocks take the guess work out of night time sleep dressing with the overnight low room temperature prediction, as well as a colour changing nightlight function that will signal the current or predicted room temperature using colour. 

Sleep Like Goldilocks will monitor the temperature in your room and thanks to internet connectivity also know the temperature outside as well as the overnight weather forecast. Using this information as well as a thermal model that is built up specifically for your room Sleep Like Goldilocks will predict the in room overnight low temperature, taking the guess work out of dressing right for bed. It's pretty clever really.

The Goldilocks device predicts the overnight low temperature in your babies room and suggests the best sleep wear combination for the whole night.

It's worth mentioning that to get the most accurate temperature in your babies room, the device three days or more in your babies room. This information is then used in a unique algorithm to accurately predict the overnight high and low temperature in your babies room.

This temperature is then matched against the TOG outfit, showing you exactly how to dress your baby for the temperature in the room:

It will also show you the same information via the nightlight, which changes colour based on the room temperature. After a couple of weeks using Goldilocks you'll start t get the hang of this system and you won't even need to look at the screen!

To find out more about Sleep Like Goldilocks or buy one head over to the Sleep Like Goldilocks product page.

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