How to reset your device

How to reset your device

A factory reset of your device can be the easiest way to redo the setup process, say for example you've entered the wrong WiFi password during setup. 

Note: Resetting your device will erase all learned room "warmth" settings.

How to perform a factory reset:

  1. Unplug the Goldilocks USB cable at the back of the unit
  2. Hold down the "DISPLAY" button (1)
  3. Plug in the Goldilocks USB cable and wait until you see the boot screen
Your device will now be reset back to factory default settings, and should display the message "Device setup required" on the screen.


How to change settings without a factory reset:

While a factory reset is the easiest way to redo the setup process, the only reasons you'll really need to do a factory reset is the following:

  • You're moving to a new address (or taking your device on holidays)
  • You're moving your device from one room to another

All other scenarios can be fixed without resetting your device and losing your devices learned room "warmth":

  1. Press and hold the DISPLAY button for 8 seconds
  2. On the screen of your device the WiFi symbol should have changed to the WiFi AP mode symbol  to show Goldilocks is ready to accept WiFi connections
  3. Using your phone or computer connect to the WiFi network "goldilocks_XXXX"
  4. Once connected you will be prompted to "set up" your device again

NOTE:  in this scenario you will need to fill out the entire setup form again including your address and WiFi password.

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