Using Sleep Like Goldilocks with Heating and Cooling

Using Sleep Like Goldilocks with Heating and Cooling

Do I need to use my heater with Sleep Like Goldilocks?

A common question we get asked is "do I need to use my heater with Sleep Like Goldilocks?", to which the answer is no!

Sleep Like Goldilocks is designed to help you dress baby just right while reducing the reliance on heating and cooling as recommended by Red Nose Australia, but there are situations where this just isn't practical. We'll cover what to do in these situations below.


Short Answer

Cold nights:

If your Sleep Like Goldilocks night light is glowing purple, or the predicted overnight low room temperature is below 15°C - you might consider turning on the heater (set to 15 or lower).

Quick link on how to read the screen in "Night Mode"

Hot nights:

If the night light is glowing red, or the predicted overnight low room temperature is showing above 25°C you might consider turning on the AC (set to 25 or higher).


Long Answer

TOG rated sleepwear is designed to standardise the "warmth" of clothing which makes dressing for sleep simple (TOG explained). 

Lets look at the TOG chart for more information:


You can see that the TOG sleepwear options are designed for the temperature range of 15°C to 25°C, but what can we do if it's outside of that range?

This is a situation in which you might consider using heating or cooling, and we'll cover the types of heating.


Central Heating / Cooling

This type of heating/cooling uses a single thermostat (sensor that measures the temperature), usually in the hallway, and blows warm/cold air throughout the home using the single temperate measurement.

This means that the hallway temperature might be spot on the thermostat setting, but rarely does that match the in-room temperature. Whats worse is that the temperature can vary a lot from from to room.

Here are some things you can try that may help you get a more consistent room temperature:

  • Adjusting the vent opening in the room
  • Adjusting the fan speed of the central heating unit

Each of these will require some fiddling and overnight checking to get right - but once you've started to make a few adjustments you'll get a feel for what works in your home. 

Split System / Space heater

This is an easier situation to manage because the in-room heater has it's own thermostat (temperature sensor) which means it will keep the temperature at the set point.

The only thing to watch out for here is that some of the more basic heating units might be off by a few degrees, so when setting the unit check that it matches your Sleep Like Goldilocks room temperature and adjust accordingly.


Wrap Up

While you don't NEED to use heating and cooling in your room to dress baby right for shell, if you feel like you'd like to use it please try the tips outlined in this article and as always let us know if you have any questions.

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