"I'm having issues setting up from a Samsung device"

Some Samsung devices can present a problem during setup - they won't automatically offer the "Setup your device" notification.

Watch the video below for the entire setup process, or jump directly to the text-based instructions below:




Start by turning on your device and ensuring you see the text on the screen:

"Device setup required"


1. Open the WiFi connection screen on your device

2. Connect to your device - network name should look something like "Goldilocks_ABC123"

You may see notifications saying "Internet may not available" or something similar, these can be ignored for the moment

3. Click on the device again from the WiFi connection screen, which should open a new screen showing connection information

4. Click on the "Manage router" option 


At this point your device should redirect to the Sleep Like Goldilocks device setup page which will allow you to get your device configured.


If you're still having trouble setting up your device please reach out to us via the chat on our website, facebook/instagram chat or by email at